Here at Coopers Greenhouse we are a small family owned and operated greenhouse.
 Our season runs from the first weekend in May till July. We grow right here over 90% of everything well sell. We start with either rooted cuttings or started plugs from some of the top greenhouses in North America. We specialize in large hanging baskets and planters. Our jumbo size Fushias for Mothers day are known throughout the area. In a 12" hanger most will be 30-36" in diameter and loaded with blooms. We also grow a large number of garden variety geraniums that will amaze you with as many as 30 large blooms per 12" hanger. Another specialty is our Combo hangers that are filled with Proven Winner series plants. We grow these combos for full sun to mostly shade areas and everything in between. Over the past few years our custom filling of baskets, hangers and planters has really taken off. We also do Memorial baskets to order if you like as well.
 Our plants availible here consist of a very large number of the well known Proven Winners line. Also we use plant material from Bartletts and Coles. All of these lines are from rooted cuttings which give us a superior plant to grow. Our plants are availble in sizes ranging from jumbo 6 packs to 4 1/2" pots to 18" planters.
 Ask us and we can help you choose the plants that are right for your garden and your gardening skills.

  We are open Monday thru Sunday 9:30 am til 5:30 pm
Starting the first Weekend in May.Type your paragraph here.

Coopers Royal Heritage Farm